We are extremely excited and proud to welcome the founding father of the hardcore techno genre, Marc Acardipane (aka The Mover, Marshall Masters, Pill Driver, PCP, ..) for a masterclass covering a whole range of essential production techniques, tips and tricks explained by the master himself.

The 2nd part of the masterclass will cover the following topics: Emotion is everything: ‘melody, riffs, sound...’ + general tips & tricks.

Next to that, there will be a Q&A moment in which you can ask your questions to Marc Acardipane himself.

For later re-watching, ticket buyers have access to a video recording of the session.

Language: English

DAW: Ableton Live

Level: Beginner / Intermediate

Duration of each session: +- 2 hours

Combo ticket for the 2 sessions are also available, please check it out on our homepage 


One-Time Purchase